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61f92d9c bc7e 4b91 b90e 66942dd96ffbQuestro Foundation Colaborates with Lazos Values Based Education "La Playita School"

Expanding on the existingcollaborative effort with the non-profit organization "Lazos," the Questro Foundation recently implemented the organization's values based learning model at the La Playita Primary School.

The curriculum, now in effect at three public schools in Los Cabos integrates values such as honesty, integrity and community mindedness into the curriculum.

"This education model does more than instill values in the youth of Los Cabos," says Questro Foundation President Tessy Redo. "It helps students learn discipline to improve their studies, it encourages pride in curriculum, discourages drug use and vice and helps parents learn how to provide a positive role model for their children, all of which effect positive change in our community."

The Questro Foundation has now contributed more than $279,000 pesos to Lazos for implementation of the values program in local schools.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to Grupo Questro Hotels in Los Cabos, for the generous donations from partners, management and guests that made this expansion of the values program possible.

To learn more about the Questro Foundation and find out how you can donate time or money go to 

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