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Best sportfishing in the World    Ancla    Beautiful natural oasis surrounding areas, huge tranquility atmosphere.   Ancla    4 s Marina: Security, Service, Sheltered and Serenity.   Ancla   200 Slips, Drystack, Boatyard with 150 ton travel Lift.    Ancla    Less than half an hour from Los Cabos airport.   Ancla   4 minutes from San Jose Colonial down Town.

Fishing the final week of September
Sepetember 29, 2013

With the fall season now officially upon us we are seeing local tropical weather patterns develop in the afternoon, often raining north of the airport, while humidity levels

are still high in the rest the region. Daytime temperatures are still in the 90s but early mornings are now cooler and north winds are beginning to breeze in.
Strong ocean currents, predominantly from the south are persisting and water temperatures range from the upper 70s on the Pacific side, to an average of 85 degrees in the direction of the Sea of Cortez and toward Los Frailes. The final week of September saw the majority of the sportfishing fleets concentrating efforts on the warmer water fishing grounds, with the most consistent action found in the La Fortuna, Iman, San Luis and Vinorama regions where anglers have been drift fishing with strips of squid and Sardines, catching good numbers of 10 to 15 pound Yellowfin Tuna. In recent days anglers have had better success using sardines, with an abundant supply of the live bait enticing tuna into feeding frenzies. Lighter, 25 to 30 pound leader has resulted in a greater number of strikes.

A total of approximately 126 charters launching out of the Puerto Los Cabos Marina this week reported a combined catch of five Striped Marlin, 18 Sailfish, 8 Wahoo, 9 Amberjack, 18 Rainbow Runners, 15 Bonito, 3 Dogtooth Snapper, 8 Barred Pargo, 6 Grouper, 715 Yellowfin Tuna and 320 Dorado.
The larger Yellowfin Tuna are still lurking on the Gordo Banks, with a120 pounder being taken off the Gordo this week on live Bolito. Dorado is a class that has been found in good numbers, though mostly smaller fish, with only a small percentage topping the 15-pound mark. Please remember to release as many of these juvenile fish as possible so that they can have the chance to mature and reproduce.
A handful of Wahoo in the 25 to 35 lb. class were landed this week, but we are still not seeing consistent action for these elusive fish, which tend to become more active as water temperature lower into the 78 to 80 degree temperature range. Many of the Wahoo landed this week were taken incidentally while drift fishing for tuna on straight mono leader. Wire leader with the same bait did not yield the same results.
Rounding out the action were limited numbers of bottom species, including Amberjack, Grouper, Barred Pargo, Bonito and Dogtooth Snapper. Some Rainbow Runners, a fish in the jack family that congregates on the high spots and prefers warmer water temperatures were also caught this week. These fish are scrappy fighters and good eating and this week’s catch ranged in size up to 15 pounds.

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