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Best sportfishing in the World    Ancla    Beautiful natural oasis surrounding areas, huge tranquility atmosphere.   Ancla    4 s Marina: Security, Service, Sheltered and Serenity.   Ancla   200 Slips, Drystack, Boatyard with 150 ton travel Lift.    Ancla    Less than half an hour from Los Cabos airport.   Ancla   4 minutes from San Jose Colonial down Town.

February 04, 2013

Anglers –

Cold winter weather across the United States has brought more people traveling south, increasing numbers of tourists were now arriving in the Los Cabos area

, they are being greeted with variable weather conditions, most days there has been plenty of sunshine, pristine paradise, compared to locations they departed from. This past week started out clear and sunny, then a cool front swept in from the north, accompanied by northerly winds gusting to 20 mph. This is the time of year we often see unpredictable changing weather patterns, we start to feel that hint of springtime in the air, recent high temperatures ranged from 68 to 82 degrees, lows to about 56 degrees. As can be the normal winter pattern, northern winds continued to be persistent, this contributes to creating variable ocean conditions, particularly further offshore, can become choppy, there were also strong currents with very high tidal changes coinciding with the full moon, which were additional challenges for anglers. Ocean water temperatures ranged from 69 to 76 degrees, warmest areas were reported offshore of the Cabo San Lucas.

Puerto Los Cabos Marina area has been busy with a series of projects underway. El Ganzo Hotel is now in operation, boosting an incredible view of the marina entrance and panga docking area. Completion of the main La Playita boulevard is expected to begin soon. Finishing touches for the port fuel dock, convenience market, with public bathrooms are all nearing completion. Other larger construction projects include the new Secrets Resort, this will offer approximately 400 suites, situated adjacent to the World Class golf courses just north of the PLC Marina.

Although anglers did not find perfect ocean conditions, most people were able to find enough mixed action, either offshore, inshore or off the bottom, to keep busy enough and enjoy themselves. Charter fleets were searching all of the local fishing grounds for the best possible action, on windy days many opted to stay closer to shore, this was a practical option when offshore was just too rough and uncomfortable. Sierra were the most numerous fish schooling near shore, live sardinas proved to be the best bait for targeting these fish, smaller sized gamefish that are ranging up to 5 lb.

Numbers of dorado have now been fewer, small groups of these fish up to 20 pounds were encountered, most of them fairly close to shore. These fish prefer warmer currents, they can be found year round in the Los Cabos region. With the abundance of baitfish now in the area, there have been some late season dorado scattered on the fishing grounds. These are tropical fish that prefer warmer blue waters currents, water conditions that we do not often see during the winter months.

Water clarity was changing daily, mid week cleaner blue water was reported on the La Fortuna and Iman Banks, yellowfin tuna were found in limited numbers, up to 20 pounds, striking on sardinas, windy weather hampered this action, though these yellowfin were remaining in the area, depending on what the weather does in the coming weeks will decide what these schooling fish do.

This is now the season when anglers start targeting more bottom species, drift fishing over rock piles, in depths ranging from 50 ft. to 150 ft. So far this action has had mixed results. Windy days are never favorable for this type of action, you prefer to have calm conditions, to be able to work the structure effectively. Recently the most common catches included cabrilla (leopard grouper), red snapper (huachinango), barred pargo, yellowtail snapper and triggerfish. They were striking on various baits, as well as on yo-yo style jigs. We do expect that yellowtail and amberjack will move onto the local grounds soon, these fish prefer the moderate water temperature.

The popular fishing grounds where fleets fish on a daily basis are also some of the best spots to encounter whales, these mammals are now in peak migration, we see more humpbacks inside on the Sea of Cortez side of the Peninsula, while on the Pacific the gray whales are more prevalent.

The month of February is known for being unpredictable and at times having windy conditions. This year we saw more wind, earlier in the season than usual, so maybe this will relate to less wind later. Overall, the days are now on a warming trend and this is usually a beneficial factor for anglers finding world class fishing action. Spring season is just around the corner.

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